Orange Plan 

My day starts with an amazing glimpse of Mount Fuji as I head off to meet Mr Yoshiki Niimi and colleagues at the Ministry of Health. It’s great to hear about the Orange plan (Japan’s dementia strategy) and we discuss similarities and differences between Japan and Scotland’s approach to diagnosis, post diagnostic support and care co-ordination. I hear that one fourth of people aged over 65 in Japan is either living with dementia or a mild cognitive impairment, this equates to one in 7 people living with dementia. I am heartened by  the focus on humanity and respect for people with dementia and their carers and of the change in terminology to reduce stigma. Like Scotland, Japan has a working group of people with dementia, and these voices have a key contribution to the strategy. Both countries have the same over arching themes – to support people with dementia to stay well at home for as long as possible and remain connected to their communities. I’m really looking forward to attending site visits during my time in Japan to see how policy translates to practice and meeting with people with dementia and their carers to hear how they are being supported to live well.




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