Konnichiwa Japan – 1st Impressions

As I arrive in Japan after an 11 hour flight from London, I am struck by a few first impressions:

  • Calmness – despite the business of the airport and the city, there is a real sense of calmness. I even see people doing tai chi in the airport as they wait for their flight.
  • Competence – I am struck by the efficiency of the systems and processes, from airport security, to amazing trains and even the toilets with their heated seats and over 10 different settings including music!
  • Compliance – there seesms to be a real sense of compliance with rules, from standing behind the line at the baggage collection, queuing for trains and never crossing the road until the green man appears.
  • Cleanliness – I dont think I have ever visited such a clean city!
  • Courteous – I am overwhelmed by the kindness and courteous nature of the Japanese people, from people in the street not only giving me directions but taking me right to where I need to go, to the kindness and generosity of Japanese colleagues who have planned an amazing itinerary for me and made my first weekend in Japan one to remember.

Thank you to Yumi, Ken and Niomi for a lovely traditional Japanese night last night. I need to practice my chopsticks!!


2 thoughts on “Konnichiwa Japan – 1st Impressions

  1. Michelle you have taken on an amazing journey. It will be fascinating to hear how this culture and how they value their elders can be translated for Scotland.

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